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20-21-22 SEPTEMBER 2019

“Integrative Psychotherapy from Local to Global”



We are pleased to invite you to the 1st International 3rd National Integrative Psychotherapy Congress to be organized by PSYCHOTHERAPY INSTITUTE and PSYCHOTHERAPY INSTITUTE ASSOCIATION between 20-21-22 SEPTEMBER 2019.

Psychotherapy Institute has a strong closed archive that is highly appreciated by leading dynamic psychotherapy institutions in the world, as a result of keeping all our psychotherapy sessions and trainings under audio-video recording since 1994. In addition to this richness, we have been following the important works of the world literature closely and translating them into Turkish in our own publishing house. During our four-year training that we have developed blending our own archives and the world literature since 2005, we have compiled this information in a manner suitable to Turkey’s habitat and geography and offer to distinguished mental health professionals in Turkey. We continue to share our archives, information and experiences in the meetings we have created at regular intervals under the roof of our Psychotherapy Institute Association with our valuable colleagues attending these trainings.

The starting point of the NATIONAL INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY CONGRESS was to share and improve the literature born and developed in Turkish culture and world literature with mental health professionals in Turkey.

We are proud to have taken our national congress which we have organized for two years to international standards with this 1st International integrative psychotherapy congress. Our goal with integrative psychotherapy congresses is to adapt the current schools of psychotherapy which are valid worldwide to the Turkish culture, match specific maturational process of our culture with their counterparts in the world literature, and promote the science of psychotherapy in Turkey.

In this congress that we host as Psychotherapy Institute, we are proud to say that we will hosts leading scholars of various teories in Psychology and Psychiatry in Turkey.

Our technical team, scientific committee, and congress organizing committee are studiously organizing three full days of panels, paper and poster presentations of various theories and applications in four parallel sessions where we will share and discuss the latest professional and scientific developments.

We look forward to your participation and support.


Congress Chair

Tahir ÖZAKKAŞ, M.D., Ph.D.

President, Psychotherapy Institute


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